Drilling, Completion and Workover Tubular Rentals

Drill Pipe

Drill pipe is the top component of any drill string that makes up the majority of a drill string's length. Its functions are to transmit torque and power from the top drive or rotary table to the bit. A drill pipe is described by its size, weight, grade, connection, upset, range and class.

Workstrings International maintains an inventory of drill pipe from 2 3/8-inch to 7 5/8-inch in various grades,– from 105ksi to 165ksi material yield strength and various wall thicknesses to design the optimum drill string.

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Landing String

Landing string is heavy wall drill pipe (approximately 0.500-inch wall or greater) used where regular drill pipe does not have sufficient tensile strength. Manufactured from high grades of steel as drill pipe, the increased tensile rating directly correlates to the wall thickness. The most common application for landing string is to enable running long, heavy casing strings used in subsea and deepwater wells.

Workstrings International has the largest inventory of rental landing strings in the industry that can meet the design criteria of challenging projects globally

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Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP)

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe is similar in appearance to normal drill pipe with the exception of spirals or an upset area near the middle of the tube. Its wall thickness is two to three times that of normal weight drill pipe of the same size. The HWDP is used for additional weight and to help reduce fatigue in drill pipe by acting as a transition stiffness div between very stiff drill collars and very limber drill pipe.

Workstrings International maintains a full inventory of HWDP from 3 1/2-inch to 6 5/8-inch: conventional, spiral and tri-spiral.

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Drill Collars

TThe primary function of the drill collar is to apply weight on the bit. Drill collars do not have tool joints (such as HWDP) but instead have pin and box connection threads machined directly into the body wall. Spiral grooves may be cut in drill collars to reduce the collar's tendency to differentially stick.

Workstrings International carries drill collars from 2 1/2-inch to 9 1/2 inch.

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Tubing can be used for a number of different workover, completion, and production scenarios. Tubing connections normally have pressure-rated connections and can be used for a number of different operations: transporting oil to surface after a well is completed, cleaning out wells, completing wells, cementing, and re-entry and drilling through cement, just to name a few.

Workstrings International has tubing inventory from 2 3/8-inch to 5-inch.

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