Extensive Premium Tubulars

We have the most extensive, highest quality rental inventory in the industry — and we take care of it. So you get what you need for even the most demanding jobs. And you know it will do the job right.

Global Footprint

No matter where you drill, we can supply you with the equipment and expertise you need. With rental tubulars and accessories staged around the world, we can deploy it quickly to keep your projects on schedule.

Engineering Expertise & Innovation

We were founded by drilling engineers and that mindset influences everything we do. We partner with our customers and vendors to innovate technology and techniques to move projects and the industry forward.

Workstrings International -
For the Life Cycle of the Well

The only global provider of (high-specification) downhole rental tubulars and accessories that has the depth of inventory, field experience and engineering expertise to design and service the entire life cycle of even the most challenging wells. We partner with major operators, national oil companies and independents anywhere in the world so that they can drill and complete safely and efficiently, with no surprises and minimal downtime — critical in an era of increasing technical challenges, regulations and competition.

Workstrings History

Culture of Success - Core Values

Workstrings International® is committed to creating a Culture of Success in all aspects of its rental tubular and equipment business. We believe in a culture that values innovation across all parts of the business and requires a steadfast commitment from leadership and consistency in the way values are communicated across the organization. A culture of success that has the buy-in of all employees is ultimately better, stronger and smarter in its internal operations.

Culture of Success
Culture of Success