Technical Support

Well Planning and Operations

Over the years, Workstrings International has developed and utilized different programs and software to provide technical support to customers during well planning and ongoing operations. Contact Workstrings Engineering for technical support at

Biaxial Loading Analyzer

The Biaxial Loading Analyzer calculates reduced collapse of a tubular subjected to a tensile load, which supports the operations that have the benefit of a fourth ram to test BOPs.

Connection Analyzer®

The Connection Analyzer® is used to evaluate the connection's capacity to carry combined torsional and tensile loads. NOTE: Connection Analyzer® is a Registered Trademark of TH Hill and Associates, A Bureau Veritas company.

Tubular Property and Accessory Analyzer

The Tubular Property and Accessory Analyzer is used to determine the tensile, burst and collapse of integral crossover subs and pup joints.

Sour Service Region Analyzer

The Sour Service Region Analyzer uses expected well parameters to calculate the NACE Region and help determine the tubular grade required for a drill string or a completion string.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

FEA Software is used to analyze a tubular or tool design, evaluate its performance under different loads and stresses and improve its performance.

Stiffness Analyzer

The Stiffness Analyzer measures the ratio of stiffness to a less limber component. It is used to ensure that the transition between two components in the BHA is gradual.

Stretch Analyzer

The Tubular Stretch Analyzer calculates the drill string stretch at given intervals and takes into account the well path and the fluid effects on the cumulative stretch of tubulars. The amount of stretch also depends on the length of the tubular, elasticity of the material and its cross-sectional area.

Care and Handling for Connections and Tubulars

Workstrings care and handling presentations and best practices help customers avoid damages and downtime.

See our Golden Rules for Pipe Care and Handling for information or email for more information on a full care and handling presentation.

Connection and Tubular Care
Connection and Tubular Care

Workstrings’ Slip Crushing Calculations

Industry-leading slip crush testing, information and resources.