Specialty Tool Design

Specialty Drill String for your Operational Challenges

Workstrings is continuously developing specialty drill string tools to meet specific operational challenges seen by our customers, resulting in improved operational performance as well as time and cost savings.

WorkTech™ Joints

WorkTech™ Joints are specialty slick tubulars designed to be run through elastomers and sealing elements without damaging them. They are used across the annular BOP in fracking operations to manipulate the frack tool. They are used in MPD operations across the sealing elements.

JetString™ Sub

JetString™ Subs (Adjustable ports) are an enhanced jetting sub assembly, with directional jetting and flexibility in configuration. The Bullnose Sub has a nozzle in the nose which can be adjusted or blocked off for enhanced flexibility while cleaning. PATENTED.

Bullnose Sub

Bullnose Sub (Adjustable ports) – A nozzle in the nose of this bullnose sub can be adjusted or blocked off for enhanced flexibility while cleaning.

Side Entry Pump-in Sub (SEPI)

A side entry pump-in sub should have the tensile capacity to support the full weight of the associated workstring. In-house FEA ensures that Workstrings SEPI subs meet design criteria.

Custom Crossovers

Workstrings can create custom crossovers designed to mate with casing, flanges and other drill string components.

Custom BOP Test Joints

Workstrings can custom engineer and build BOP-specific test joints that save customers time and money by eliminating multiple trips to test BOPs.

Integral Bleeder Plug Design

One-piece, integral bleeder plug customizable with hoisting ability.

Integral Lift Caps

One-piece, solid lift cap pull tested and rated in-house to increase safety in lifting operations.

Integral Test Stump Stand

An integral test stump stand saves time by conveniently testing lower kelly valves and equipment on location.

Lift Sub with Side Outlet

Side-entry sub with convenient lifting shoulder.