Engineering Resources

Workstrings engineering compiled the below resources for industry use. Expand your knowledge of tubulars using the links below:

5 1/2-inch vs 5-inch Drill String Comparison for Unconventional Drilling (August 2020)

Operational benefits of using 5 1/2-inch drill pipe in unconventional drilling

NACE Testing with Proven Internal and External Coatings ( June 2024)

Internal/external coating used to protect equipment from different operational environments

JetString™ Sub with Bull Nose (February 2022)

Improved jet sub design for increased efficiency and flexibility

The Gulf of Mexico’s First 20K Completion Tubulars (November 2019)

Design, development and qualification of specialty completion workstrings for deep gas completions

Successful Pipeline Cleanouts Using Jointed Pipe (April 2021)

New offshore snubbing/HWO world record for the longest subsea pipeline cleanout

BLTN-005 – Adjusted Max MUT by Thread Compound Friction Factor

Understanding effect of thread compound friction factor on Max MUT

BLTN-016 – API Upset Designations

Defining the different categories of upsets that characterize drill pipe and landing string.

BLTN-032 – Reporting Upset OD on 6.625 Inch IEU Drill Pipe (Slip-Proof)

TChanges in Grant Prideco’s method for dimensioning the finished upset OD/Slip-Proof™ tube OD on 6 5/8-inch IEU pipe.

BLTN-042 – Drill Pipe Bending Capacity

Understanding drill pipe bending and its effect on fatigue

Improved Corrosion Mitigation Coating System (SPE Abstract 202498, 2020)

No Pipe Body Downgrades - Improved Corrosion Mitigation Coating System Provides Significant Operator Savings

Reduced TCO with 4th Generation DP Connection Design (SPE 190968, 2018)

Focus on Reducing Cost of Ownership Drives the Development of the 4th Generation Drill Pipe Connection Design

First 7.625DP for Completions and Intervention (SPE 184726, 2017)

An Industry-First 7 5/8 in. Drill Pipe Like Tubular Facilitates Offshore Completions and Interventions by Saving Time and Reducing Cost

New Sour Service 125KSI DP for Higher Loads (SPE 178858, 2016)

A New Sour Service 125 ksi SMYS Drillpipe with Sour Service 120 ksi SMYS Tool Joints for Use in Sour Gas Drilling or Non-Sour Offshore Intervention Riser Applications Requiring Higher Load Capacities

2.5MM lbs Landing String Development (OTC 20823, 2010)

2,500,000 Pound Landing String Challenges: Have we Reached the Limit of Today’s Technology?

High Strength 165KSI Material Drill Pipe (IADC World Drilling Conference, 2009)

Light Weight – Ultra-High Strength Drill Pipe for Extended Reach and Critical Deep Drilling

Cost Savings with 3rd Generation DP Connection (SPE 11522, 2008)

First Commercial Deployment of New Third Generation Rotary-Shouldered Connections Demonstrates Cost Savings

Sour Service Formation Drilling, (SPE 108707, 2007)

Enhanced Steel Alloys Outperform Typical Bottom Hole Assembly Chemistries in Sour Service Applications

2.0MM lbs Landing String Development (OTC 18496, 2007)

2,000,000 lb. Slip-Based Landing String System Pushes the Limit of Deepwater Casing Running

JetString Sub (Drilling Contractor, Nov/Dec 2020)

Jetstring sub designed to improve cleaning for downhole equipment

Drill pipe-based completion workover risers lower cost and increast operational efficiency (World Oil, July 2019)

The durability of drill pipe-based completion workover risers lowers cost of ownership and can be run by drilling rig crews, giving operators the flexibility to move seamlessly between drilling and completion operations

Large-diameter completion string saves time on landing and intervention operations (World Oil Magazine, 2017

Early subsea wells used API drill pipe, which was available on the rig, to land production tubing and completion equipment from the surface vessel to the subsea wellhead. As total depths approached 30,000 ft, pressures increased beyond the capacity of standard API drill pipe and rotary-shouldered connections with gas-tight, metal-to-metal seals. This led to the development of dedicated completion tubulars, starting in the early 2000s, but further improvements were still possible.

Two-million lb slip-based landing string extends drilling limits (Offshore, Nov 1, 2008)

The 6 5/8-in. heavy wall, 150-ksi yield strength pipe incorporates an innovative thick-walled section in the slip contact area to resist slip crushing loads and a uniquely designed dual-diameter tool joint to increase elevator capacity.

Slip-based landing sring system expands the limit for deepwater casing running (World Oil, July 2007)

Re-engineered system pushes the lifting limit to 2,000,000 pounds and beyond.

Deeper, Deep Water Drilling, A FASTR® Solution to Handling Heavy Loads (GoGulf Magazine, 2005)

Workstrings, LLC, a subsidiary of Superior Energy Services, Inc., is proud to announce that their new landing string system for running long heavy casing strings in the magnitude of 1.5 to 2.0 million lbs has successfully been run in the Gulf of Mexico.