About Workstrings International

About Workstrings International

True Partners From Start to Finish

Workstrings International is the leading global provider of downhole rental tubulars, accessories and engineering solutions.

Founded by drilling engineers, we understand your challenges and serve as true partners from start to finish. We have innovated many industry firsts and are always focused on what's next — helping you drill and complete quickly, safely and efficiently with no surprises and minimal downtime.

With our deep inventory and global footprint, we can deliver exactly what you need, whenever and wherever you need it, so you can stay focused on other mission-critical aspects of your project.

Mission, Vision, Values - What We Stand For

Company Mission Statement


Provide the highest quality downhole rental equipment, engineering services and operational support to advance the safe, efficient development of the world's energy resources.

Company Vision


Lead the industry. Seek new challenges. And excite our customers with exceptional people, products and partnerships.

Core Values


In addition to Superior’s Shared Core Values, we have a few more:
Quality, Ingenuity, Collaboration, Authenticity, Dependability

Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment

Our proactive approach to safety management through employee participation is the key to our success. We work tirelessly to ensure our people have the training and tools needed to ensure every day is a safe day.

Workstrings International® views safety as a core value that is incorporated into every facet of our operations. Our focus on quality operations management underpins our health, environmental and safety commitment, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible, most efficient, incident-free service.



Careers - Join Our Team

As the industry leader, we are attentive to the global market and continue to grow and diversify. Our teams have been key to the success of wells around the world, setting records in depth, pressure, test depth and discovery.

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