Research and Development for the Petroleum Industry

Innovation for Drilling Operations

Since its inception, Workstrings International has been involved in moving tubular engineering and technology forward within the entire industry. Whether it’s through the development of 2 million- and 2.5 million-pound landing strings, the first 7 5/8-inch drill pipe, or an industry-leading corrosion-resistant external coating, Workstrings continuously provides innovative solutions.

2019 - JetString™ Sub

JetString™ Sub is a Newly Designed 2-in-1 Jet Sub and Bullnose Assembly. (Patented)

The JetString™ sub allows flexibility of running in-line with the drill string to perform short trips to jet the BOPs, wellhead, or subsea tree cavities or a dedicated run with the bullnose.

Designed with directional ports and nozzles for appropriate flow area - with the nose port either open or closed for enhanced cleaning.

The nozzles can be changed out on surface with readily available nozzle sizes.

2016 - MaXit®807 Comp Landing String

Workstrings International Introduces "Industry's First" 7 5/8-inch Rotary Shouldered Connection Completion Landing / Intervention String

Workstrings International continues to demonstrate investment in pioneering technologies and added-value solutions for its customers with the design, development and launch of the new 7 5/8-inch MaXit®807 Completion Landing String/Intervention String featuring the "industry's first" 7 5/8-inch" rotary shouldered connection.

This technology revolutionized large bore deepwater operations and has been used successfully in global operations.

Features rotary shouldered metal-to-metal sealing tool joints gas tested to 20,000 psi.

2015 - Rust Grip® External Coating

Rust Grip® External Coating Solution Designed for Completion and Intervention Operations for Corrosion Protection

R&D spanned eight years to develop a coating solution that would hold up to the rigorous environment of completion and intervention operations.

Rust Grip® successfully coated over 1.7MM Feet of pipe from 2015-2020 with ZERO downgraded pipe due to corrosion and pitting.

Significantly reduced the operator’s and Workstrings’ total cost of ownership.

Workstrings International maintains a dedicated coating facility.

2009 - 2.5MM LB FASTR® Landing String

2.5MM-Pound FASTR® Landing String – The First UD-165 Grade Landing String for Deeper Casing Strings in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

After successful deployments of the FASTR® 2.0MM-Pound Landing String System, operators drilled deeper and set heavier casing strings requiring a landing string to meet 2.5MM-Pound ratings. In order to meet the tensile and slip crushing requirements, higher strength material was required. The development of the UD-165 material allowed these loads to be achieved along with higher strength material for the Slip-Proof® area guaranteeing slip crushing to meet the demands as well and the first 2.5MM-Pound Landing String was delivered to the industry. This step up in material allowed this landing string to maintain the same connection and handling practices for ease of use and efficiency.

2004 - 2.0MM LB FASTR® Landing String

Workstrings International Introduces the First 2MM-Pound Landing String With Normal Handling Process

The FASTR® Landing String System allows for normal drill pipe handling procedures consisting of a 6 5/8-inch FH Slip-Proof® Landing String design that features a 6-foot Slip-Proof® section which prevents the crushing of the tubular when using the FASTR® 1000-Ton slip system. The landing string is rated to greater than 2MM-pound load in tensile and slip crushing. The special designed box taper provides increased elevator hoisting capacity and the elevator is also certified to 1000 Tons.