Pipe Handling Tool Rentals - Rotary Slips

Rotary Slips consist of segments containing inserts that fit around the drill pipe and grip so the pipe does not move down hole. The Rotary Slip is designed to sit inside an insert bowl in the rotary table and apply even pressure around the joint of drill pipe. This allows the operators to stab the next joint or stand of drill pipe into the box of the joint of pipe being held in place by the slips.

Rotary Slip Rental Inventory

  • AOT 4 1/2-inch Type DU Long
  • AOT 5 1/2-inch Type DU Long
  • AOT 5 1/2-inch Type SDU Long
  • AOT 5 1/2-inch Type RSDU Long
  • AOT 7-inch Type SDU Long
  • AOT 7-inch 500 Ton Type LD
  • B&V 7 5/8-inch LRS 500 Ton
  • Varco 4 1/2-inch Type SDXL
  • Varco 5 1/2-inch Type SDHL
  • Varco 5 1/2-inch Type SDXL
  • Varco 6 7/8-inch Type SDXL
  • Varco 7-inch Type SDXL
  • Varco 7-inch Type SDU Long
Rotary Slip-Closed

Rotary Slip - Closed

Rotary Slip

Rotary Slip

FASTR® Slips

  • 7-inch XP-1000-20 1000-Ton Load
  • 1000-ton rated for combination use with FASTR® Master Bushing, FASTR® Bowl and FASTR® Backsaver only
  • Modified taper to improve slip crushing capacity
XP 1000 Rotary Slip

XP 1000 Rotary Slip