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Landing String Design

As wells become more challenging with increased drilling in deeper water and casing points being pushed deeper, landing strings designs are reaching the slip crushing limits using the current slip designs available. Compatible drill pipe slips must be identified and evaluated for slip crushing with the corresponding landing string.

The in-house Slip Crushing Analyzer determines the maximum load that can be placed on the slips without damaging tubulars subjected to a tensile load. The calculation is dependent on the slip design, length of die contact to the pipe, the drill pipe thickness and yield strength, and has been confirmed by a series of load tests.

  • Slip Capacity = the static load rating that designates when the slips may become damaged
  • Slip Crushing Capacity = the calculated static load that designates when the slips can damage the pipe

The landing string design takes the following into consideration:

  • The casing loads for each hole section
  • The inspection level of the landing string(s)
  • The specific slip design
  • The type and usage of the pipe that is a component of tapered string
  • Pipe management between drilling and landing string operations

Workstrings International owns the largest inventory of Drilling and Completion Landing String in the industry.

Workstrings International has added a 2.5MM lbs FASTR LS to the FASTR fleet.
Please visit our Landing String Spec Sheets section for further details of sizes and connections available.