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The Drill String Design

The Drill String Design evaluates torque, drag, hydraulics and slip crushing. An optimum drill string design is the one that meets all of the operational parameters, for given drilling constraints and conditions, and considers rig pipe management. The Drill String Design is extremely beneficial in early planning stages, since it evaluates the key factors: planned trajectory, available tubulars, available pump pressure and takes into consideration the efficiency of pipe handling. Subsequent Drill String Designs through the exploration phase and development wells ensure that correct equipment is available and allocated for any design revisions and ensures a smooth transition to completion.

Drill String Design Application:

  • Deepwater and Extended Reach
  • Drilling and Sidetrack Operations
  • Completions and Workover Operations
  • Difficult Trajectories

Drill String Design Calculations:

  • Optimizes on critical parameters
  • Evaluates torque and drag associated with each trajectory
  • Evaluates a drill string design that will meet mechanical loads to prevent drill string failure
  • Calibrates the torque and drag model based on the actual drilling parameters
  • Evaluates operating limits to prevent buckling
  • Evaluates the load at the slips to prevent slip crushing
  • Provides pressure drops for different pipe sizes to select the best drill pipe option
  • Evaluates and optimizes hydraulics for bit hydraulic horse power or jet impact force
  • Evaluates directional trajectories to reach to TD, for drilling and completions
  • Evaluates casing wear and side loads
tension load torsion load cumulative pressure drop vs measured depth pump pressure distribution