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Workstrings International Introduces Delta™ Connection by Grant Prideco

Workstrings International differentiates itself by being pro-active rather than re-active, investing in latest technology and pioneering developments to the rental market, including the introduction of a number of 'firsts' to the tubular rental market globally. Testament to this philosophy, Workstrings introduces the Delta™ Connection designed by NOV to replace the XT™ series connections and deliver a lower total cost of ownership. The connection provides for operational performance similar to XT™ but improved ease of use; faster make-up (fewer turns from stab to make-up than comparable XT™), deeper stabbing (lower taper), no requirement for stabbing guides and a reduced minimum required gripping distance from the box face. New performance features allow for reduced repair frequency, more re-facing allowance versus re-cutting, and less material loss per re-cut compared to standard XT™ connections. Overall the new Delta™ connection will allow for streamlined tool joints and improved hydraulics, while delivering lower repair cost compared to similar XT™ connections.

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About Workstrings International

Workstrings International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Superior Energy Services Inc., is the global leading oilfield equipment rental company providing quality primary Drill Strings, Tubing, Landing Strings, Completion Tubulars and handling accessories using in-house engineering and cutting edge technologies.